Our Plan

We offer three type of work, Snippet Entry, Data Entry and Form Entry. Data Entry Job

Snippet Entry Plan

Earning: Rs.100 /100 entry

Validity: Lifetime

Payout: Monthly

Data Entry Plan

Earning: Rs.200 /200 entry

Validity: Lifetime

Payout: Weekly

Form Entry Plan

Earning: Rs.300 /300 entry

Validity: Lifetime

Payout: Daily


Snippet: Snippet means small form with only one field.
Data: In Data entry work you will get paragraphs to type.
Form: In form filling work we will give you form to fill.
Earning: you will get flat price per right entry as per plan. No deductions in amount.
Validity: Each membership is valid for Lifetime, if you are working with us than your membership will automaticaly renewed without any fees but if you are not working with us than your account will be deleted automaticaly after 6 months.
Payout: You have to earn atleast equal to your minimum payout.
Referal Earning: We want your help, so share our advertisement and promote our website on social media or with your friends and you will earn without any investment.